A family tradition Chez Michel

Once again this year, Sapin Chez Michel (SCM) continues its tradition of getting involved with various community organizations, schools and associations in need of funding. Two possible formulas are available to you and your organization: either a "virtual" fundraiser or a "village" fundraiser.

How does it work?

"Virtual" fundraising With "virtual" fundraising, you and your organization can sell your trees through our website and receive a fixed amount for each sale made. This does not require any management on your part and you will be able to benefit from our most efficient delivery services. A promotional code will be assigned to you and will also allow your members to benefit from any promotion or mystery discount. This is our virtual turnkey formula.

Fundraiser "In the village"

The other formula that we offer you is the possibility of reserving a weeknight evening, and of coming and choosing your trees on site, at our "Village" (kiosk) at the Jean-Talon market. Parking is easy in the winter season and everything is organized to make your experience as pleasant as possible. Our team will be happy to accompany parents/children and allow them to find THEIR tree among our hundreds on display.

This formula is very popular because our customers love the festive spirit of our Christmas kiosk (decorations, forest in town, music, etc.). We not only offer a Christmas atmosphere, but also good hot chocolates and coffee to all your members, at no additional cost. This formula also will not require any management on your part.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us at info@jardinchezmichel.com