Le Guide Ultime de l'Entretien des Sapins de Noël!!

The ultimate guide to take care of your christmas trees!

Title: "The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Cut Christmas Trees: Practical Tips for a Festive Season in Quebec with Sapin Chez Michel"


Ah, the enchanting scent of a freshly cut Christmas tree filling your home during the holidays! In Quebec, where winter is particularly magical, nothing can match the warmth of a Christmas tree illuminated by twinkling lights. At Sapin Chez Michel, we understand the importance of a quality tree to make your festivities truly memorable. In this guide, we will share practical and proven tips for caring for your cut tree indoors, highlighting our premium plus trees, the finest quality available on the market, with a fresh cut made less than an hour before delivery or at the end of the purchase. This ensures that your tree will be fresh and beautiful when it arrives at your home.

1. Choose a Quality Tree at Sapin Chez Michel:

Before even starting the care, make sure to choose a quality tree at Sapin Chez Michel. Opt for our Premium Plus Trees, with vibrant green needles and a pronounced resin scent. This will ensure a longer lifespan and exceptional beauty for your Christmas tree.

2. Fresh Cut:

At Sapin Chez Michel, we make the fresh cut less than an hour before delivery or at the end of your purchase. This fresh cut ensures that your tree efficiently absorbs water, keeping it fresh and hydrated throughout the holiday season.

3. Ideal Location:

Place your tree away from heat sources like radiators and fireplaces. Also, avoid locations exposed to direct sunlight. A tree kept cool will last much longer.

4. Regular Watering:

A cut tree gets thirsty! Make sure to maintain a consistent water level in the tree stand. Check it daily and add warm water as needed. A well-hydrated tree will shed fewer needles and stay beautiful longer.

5. Avoid Overloading:

We all love abundant decorations, but make sure your tree isn't overloaded. Heavy ornaments can cause branches to break or lead to premature needle loss.


By following these simple yet effective tips and choosing a quality tree at Sapin Chez Michel, you can ensure that your cut Christmas tree remains beautiful and fresh throughout the festivities. Taking care of your tree with love will create a warm and festive corner in your Quebec home, reminding you why Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year. May your holidays be filled with joy, love, and the timeless beauty of your Christmas tree, specially chosen at Sapin Chez Michel!

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